Grant Assistance

Louisiana Workforce Commission Incumbent Worker Training Program

Our grant team is ready and waiting to do what they do best – that is get you free training! The Incumbent Worker Training Program (IWTP) is a partnership between the Louisiana Workforce Commission, employers (YOU!) and training providers (US!). The IWTP grants are intended to benefit businesses by developing employees’ skills to enhance productivity and company growth. The program’s primary objectives are to create new jobs, retain employees and increase wages for trained Louisiana workers. It accomplishes those goals through the two funding programs detailed here.
"We are extremely happy with all of the services that we have received and have no recommendations. We have experienced excellent customer service from our training provider and would recommend LANTEC to others. Our employees are thrilled to have these outstanding training opportunities! The feedback received from our staff has been extremely positive!"

- Jane Brandon, Chief Operating Officer for The Wellspring Alliance for Families

Customized Training 

Eligibility criteria for the Customized program include: the employer must be a Louisiana-based business with at least three years of paying Unemployment Insurance tax and the employer must have at least 15 employees to train. LANTEC’ s role is collecting required submission documents and guiding you through every step of the grant application process. We work with businesses to develop a customized training plan, write and submit the grant application with proven suggestions to ensure your grant is competitive, and then administer the grant once it’s approved. LANTEC has a high success rate and has administrated over 150 approved customized grants since we became a primary training provider for the program in 2008.

Our in-house IWTP experts work closely with our Account Executives to best position your company to receive an award of funding.

Small Business Employee Training 

If you have 50 or less employees, then the IWTP Small Business Employee Training Program (SBET) is just right for you! This program is designed to benefit small Louisiana businesses by developing and upgrading their skills through standardized training. Through the SBET grant, training is reimbursable for up to $3,000 per employee per fiscal year (July 1 –June 30). Funding comes from the Unemployment Insurance taxes paid by the employer. To qualify, a business must be Louisiana-based, have been in business three or more years, contribute and be compliant with state UI tax laws and have 50 or less employees.

LANTEC has more applications approved for the SBET program than any other training provider in the state of Louisiana!

LANTEC Account Executives offer step-by-step assistance with assessing training needs and submitting applications – they are experts on the entire submittal and reimbursement process! Learn more about SBET grants and who's using SBETs to obtain free training!