Sheri Winstead

Sheri Winstead
Applications Instructor

Microsoft Office Specialist, CCNA, CCNI

Sheri Winstead's passion lies in uplifting others, inspiring them to achieve their fullest potential and continual growth. As an educator, she excels in instilling self-confidence and fostering teamwork while imparting essential technical skills that pave the way to success in any chosen field.

With a wealth of expertise, Sheri possesses a diverse range of professional teaching skills, including Microsoft Office Professional Suite. Her remarkable ability to connect with students of all levels, from professionals to beginners, creates a fun and effective learning atmosphere that resonates with learners of all ages.

From teaching software applications to medical software and electronics, she has honed her communication skills at various levels, promoting exceptional student retention and continuing education. Throughout her career, Sheri has left a lasting impact on her students and workplaces by creating custom classes tailored to specific needs, driving employee efficiency and productivity.

Sheri's dedication to excellence and her diverse skill set make her a driving force in the realm of education. With her guidance, learners not only acquire technical skills, but also develop essential life skills such as conflict resolution, process analysis, and effective communication.

"I very much enjoyed the energy and enthusiasm of Sheri. Her pacing was perfect and allowed ample time for all to complete each module. This was a wonderful experience! Thanks, Sheri!"