Lantec | Course: Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3

Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3

2 days


In this course, students will create a basic web page, structure content, apply styles, work with tables, navigate a website, create web page layouts, manage CSS, test a website, create advanced navigation, incorporate metacontent and multimedia and create basic forms.

Course Outline:

Day 1

Lesson 1: Creating a Basic Web Page

  • Topic A: Describe the Basic Concepts of the Web
  • Topic B: Create a Basic Web Page
  • Topic C: Format a Web Page
  • Topic D: Create Lists

Lesson 2: Structuring Content

  • Topic A: Create Headers and Footers
  • Topic B: Categorize Text

Lesson 3: Applying Styles Using CSS

  • Topic A: Enhance Text
  • Topic B: Format Lists
  • Topic C: Modify the Page Background
  • Topic D: Apply Background Properties to Images

Lesson 4: Working with Tables

  • Topic A: Create a Table
  • Topic B: Modify a Table Structure
  • Topic C: Format a Table Using CSS

Lesson 5: Navigating a Website

  • Topic A: Create Links
  • Topic B: Create Image and Email Links
  • Topic C: Format Links Using CSS

Day 2

Lesson 1: Creating Web Page Layouts

  • Topic A: Group Content
  • Topic B: Create Box Layouts

Lesson 2: Managing CSS

  • Topic C: Apply Advanced CSS Selectors
  • Topic D: Create an External CSS
  • Topic E: Apply Browser-Specific CSS Code

Lesson 3: Testing a Website

  • Topic A: Test a Markup
  • Topic B: Test CSS

Lesson 4: Creating Advanced Navigation

  • Topic A: Create CSS-Based Menus
  • Topic B: Incorporate Images in CSS-Based Menus
  • Topic C: Create Image Maps

Lesson 5: Incorporating Metacontent & Multimedia

  • Topic A: Define Metacontent
  • Topic B: Embed Media Using Plug-Ins
  • Topic C: Add Audio and Video
  • Topic D: Creating Basic Forms

Lesson 6: Create a Form with Basic Form Elements

  • Topic A: Add Advanced Form Elements
  • Topic B: Submit Forms

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