Lantec | Course: Utilizing Personality Types for Self-Leadership

Utilizing Personality Types for Self-Leadership

1 days


Participants will complete an MBTI personality trait inventory and learn principles of self-leadership, explore leadership styles, and how to lead from within regardless of hierarchy on the management ladder.

Course Objectives:

At the end of this workshop, students will be able to:

  • Understand why/how personality assessments are used in different situations.
  • Know specific traits of each of the 16 different personality types.
  • Understand their specific personality type by reviewing / discussing the Personal Assessment Report.
  • Recognize leadership styles based on the different personality traits.
  • Apply the Servant Leadership Model to the workplace.


Lesson 1: Course Overview

Lesson 2: Personality Assessment Definitions and Assessment Uses

How personality assessments are created and utilized in the workplace will be discussed. A comparison of trait-based and type-based assessments will be explained.

Lesson 3: The 16 Personality Types and Specific Traits of Each

Participants will learn the basic strengths and challenges for each of the 16 personality types and how to apply those traits for the best work-life experiences.

Lesson 4: Personal Assessment Report Review and Discussion

Participants will use their own Personality Assessment Report in an active discussion to help them to become better leaders within their current roles.

Lesson 5: Personality Traits of Different Leadership Styles

A discussion and activity helping participants to understand how their personality type exhibits different types of leadership styles.

Lesson 6: Leadership Style Assessment

Adding to the knowledge of their specific personality type, participants will come to know their most comfortable leadership type and how to use this information within their team or with colleagues.

Lesson 7: Personality Types of Historical Leaders with Self-Reflection

A look at each of the 16 personality types and historical leaders who have each type. An eye-opening experience for most participants that ends with a self-reflection activity for the participant to have the tools needed to apply the principles for the next module.

Lesson 8: Servant Leadership Model

An overview of the Seven Principles of Leadership from the book, The Way of the Shepherd. Participants need not have access to the book prior to class, but might want to add it to their leadership library when the class is complete.

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Nov 10, 2023

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