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Using Microsoft Windows 10

1 days


Welcome to Using Microsoft® Windows® 10 (Second Edition). Whether you're new to computers or have used them in the past, this class will help you become more comfortable using a personal computer (PC) and, more specifically, the Windows 10 interface. This course will help you define what a PC is and familiarize you with the Windows 10 user interface and its basic capabilities. In this course, you will explore Windows 10 and learn how to work with locally installed and cloud-based apps, browse the Internet, and manage basic Windows 10 settings.

Course Objectives:

Course Objectives:  In this course, you will perform basic work-related tasks on a PC running the Windows 10 operating system. You will:

  • Access Windows 10.
  • Access locally installed applications.
  • Access cloud-based apps and content.
  • Manage files and folders.
  • Manage the Windows 10 environment.
  • Use Windows 10 security features.
  • Use backup and recovery tools.


LESSON 1: Accessing Windows 10

  • Topic A: Log In to Windows 10
  • Topic B: Navigate the Windows 10 Desktop
  • Topic C: Use the Start Menu

LESSON 2: Accessing Locally Installed Apps

  • Topic A: Use Apps
  • Topic B: Multitask with Open Apps
  • Topic C: Install Apps

LESSON 3: Accessing Cloud-Based apps and Content

  • Topic A: Browse the Web
  • Topic B: Use Cloud-Based Apps

LESSON 4: Managing Files and Folders

  • Topic A: Manage Files and Folders with File Explorer
  • Topic B: Find Files, Folders, and Apps
  • Topic C: Store and Share Files with OneDrive
  • Topic D: Manage Removable Storage Devices

LESSON 5: Managing Windows 10

  • Topic A: Configure Settings
  • Topic B: Use Windows System Commands
  • Topic C: Manage Devices
  • Topic D: Configure Accessibility
  • Topic E: Use Windows Administrative Tools

LESSON 6: Securing Your Computer

  • Topic A: Manage Sign-In Options
  • Topic B: Use Windows Security
  • Topic C: Manage Updates
  • Topic D: Use Other Security Features

LESSON 7: Using Backup and Recovery Tools

  • Topic A: Create Backups
  • Topic B: Troubleshoot or Repair Your System

Appendix A: Getting to Know Personal Computers

Appendix B: Switching from Other Operating Systems

Appendix C: Comparing Windows 10 Editions

Appendix D: Creating Windows 10 Accounts

Appendix E: Continuum Navigation

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