Lantec | Course: Security Awareness

Security Awareness

1 days

Course Objectives:

Security Awareness explores the world of cybercrime. This one-day course will ensure that staff gain an appreciation of company-wide measures to protect against cyberattacks and their own role in the success of these defense measures. Most importantly, it will help staff recognize phishing attacks and understand what steps to take to mitigate the effect when a cyberattack has been successful. It emphasizes the importance of practicing safe social media behavior to prevent cyber criminals from mining sensitive personal and company data. Each participant leaves with their own personal cybersecurity plan that prepares them to enter the fight against cybercrime.

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Aug 30, 2024

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Dawn H. Fernandez, USAO

"Titus is very energetic and knowledgeable. He was patient with the class and was excited and willing to answer and troubleshoot all our questions! He is an exceptional instructor and a definite keeper!"