Lantec | Course: Security Awareness

Security Awareness

1 days

Course Objectives:

You will identify and apply security techniques. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe the importance of securing information.
  • Identify the different ways to guard yourself against social engineering exploits.
  • Describe the security practices related to computers, mobile devices, networks, and the Internet.
  • Maintain the security of the files and folders stored on your computing devices.
  • Identify and protect information against risks associated with the cyber world.
  • Identify potential security incidents, ways to respond in the event of a possible breach, and measures to prevent a security breach.
  • Identify methods to keep the cloud and virtualized environments secured.


Lesson 1: Securing Information

  • Examine Information Security
  • Implement Physical Security Measures
  • Examine Cyber Security

Lesson 2: Guarding Against Social Engineering Exploits

  • Identify Social Engineering Exploits
  • Counteract Social Engineering Exploits
  • Evolve Social Engineering Organization Policies

Lesson 3: Identifying Security Measures

  • Strengthen Desktop Security
  • Strengthen Software Security
  • Strengthen Browser Security
  • Strengthen Network Security
  • Secure Wireless Networks
  • Strengthen Mobile Security

Lesson 4: Maintaining File System Security

  • Implement File System Security in Windows
  • Back Up and Restore Data
  • Dispose of Data Securely

Lesson 5: Guarding Against Attacks

  • Protect a Computer from Security Threats
  • Protect Computers from Virus Attacks
  • Protect Computers from Social Network Threats

Lesson 6: Handling Security Breaches

  • Identify Incidents
  • Respond to Incidents

Lesson 7: Identifying Cloud Computing and Virtualization Security Methods

  • Fundamentals of Cloud Computing
  • Fundamentals of Virtualization

Appendix A: Security and Privacy Regulations

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