Lantec | Course: SAFER - Safe Actions for Employee Return

SAFER - Safe Actions for Employee Return

1/2 days


The core objective of SAFER is establishing sustainable safe operations for employers and workers as they navigate what the world of work looks like as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Course Objectives:

This half-day workshop teaches participants to:

  • Identify and implement best practices for promoting a safe physical environment for workers.
  • Develop procedures for monitoring and promoting the medical health of the workforce, ensuring appropriate physical distancing, and encouraging overall good hygiene and infection control practices.
  • Implement practices that address the anxieties and uncertainties that employees may face while returning to the workplace.
  • Create and deliver effective, timely and frequent communication necessary to create the shared sense of safety and security among a workforce and ease the process of returning to work.
  • Implement protocols that can be adjusted based on external needs and shifts in policy, medical guidance and overall levels of community risk.
  • How to create an action plan for a systematic approach to reopening the office.

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