Lantec | Course: SharePoint 2016 PowerUser

SharePoint Power User

2 days

Course Description:

Microsoft® SharePoint®, part of the Microsoft 365™ suite of productivity and office automation tools, equips users to create and manage corporate intranets, facilitate content sharing and collaboration, and oversee document and data management in a centralized environment.

This course caters to users who have mastered fundamental content-authoring capabilities and are ready to delve into advanced features. It covers topics such as leveraging custom site templates and themes, implementing advanced permissions settings, enhancing security, and ensuring governance and compliance readiness.

Additionally, participants will explore the intricacies of site management, including the creation and use of custom site templates and metadata, information governance and compliance management, and deeper SharePoint security configurations.

By the end of this course, attendees will be proficient in planning and implementing intranets with interconnected communication and team sites through hub sites, enabling unified navigation, search, and formatting.

Course Objectives:

In this course, you will create a SharePoint team site and a communication site, connect them with a hub site, create custom page layouts, perform advanced tasks in libraries and lists, and integrate a Power Apps custom application with SharePoint.

You will:

  • Plan and create a SharePoint-based multi-site intranet, including team and communication sites.
  • Associate multiple sites with a hub site to provide unified navigation, search, and theme.
  • Use advanced SharePoint features to manage content creation in lists and libraries, including custom page templates and various methods to import data.
  • Configure lists with various input validation features to improve the quality of data entry and presentation.
  • Use Power Apps Studio to create a custom user interface for entering data in a SharePoint list.
  • Create a custom site template to reduce the time spent creating similarly configured SharePoint sites.
  • Configure managed metadata, including custom term sets, content types, and metadata-based navigation.
  • Control access through permissions.
  • Improve overall security of sites, lists, libraries, folders, list items, and documents.

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