Lantec | Course: SharePoint 2016 PowerUser

SharePoint 2016 PowerUser

2 days


In this course, you will learn how to create, configure, and manage a SharePoint team site so that your team or organization can share information and collaborate effectively, manage the flow of digital information, automate business processes, and meet records management needs.



Lesson 1: Creating and Configuring a New Site

  • Topic A: Create a New Site
  • Topic B: Configure the Look and Feel of your Site

Lesson 2: Adding and Configuring Libraries

  • Topic A: Configure a Document Library
  • Topic B: Configure Document Versioning and Check Out
  • Topic C: Configure a Content Approval Process

Lesson 3: Adding and Configuring Lists

  • Topic A: Add and Configure an Announcement List
  • Topic B: Add and Configure a Tasks List
  • Topic C: Create, Configure, and Integrate Contacts and Calendars

Lesson 4: Creating Custom Lists and Forms

  • Topic A: Create and Configure Custom Lists
  • Topic B: Create Custom List Forms

Lesson 5: Assigning Permissions and Access Rights

  • Topic A: Share Sites and Set Site Permissions
  • Topic B: Secure Lists, Libraries, and Documents

Lesson 6: Extending SharePoint Functionality with Web Parts

  • Topic A: Add and Configure Included Web Parts
  • Topic B: Add and Configure External Web Parts


Lesson 1: Configuring Site Settings

  • Topic A: Configure Site Settings to Meet Team Requirements
  • Topic B: Configure Site Search
  • Topic C: Organize the Site and Configure Navigation
  • Topic D: Configure Site Auditing

Lesson 2: Integrating External Applications and Data

  • Topic A: Add an RSS Feed to Your Site
  • Topic B: Enable Email Connectivity for a Library

Lesson 3: Configuring Site Metadata

  • Topic A: Create a Custom Content Type
  • Topic B: Add Site Columns to Content Types
  • Topic C: Create and Configure Document Sets

Lesson 4: Managing Archiving and Compliance

  • Topic A: Manage Site Closure and Deletion
  • Topic B: Configure In-place Records Management
  • Topic C: Manage Records Using the Records Center
  • Topic D: Manage Content with the Content Organizer
  • Topic E: Configure Information Management Policies

Lesson 5: Implementing Workflows

  • Topic A: Plan a Workflow
  • Topic B: Create and Publish a Workflow
  • Topic C: Test Workflows
  • Topic D: Design and Implement Advanced Workflows

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