Lantec | Course: Microsoft® Office 365® Online Productivity Apps

Microsoft Office 365 Online Productivity Apps

1 days


This course builds on the foundational knowledge of the Microsoft® Office 365® online apps and takes a deeper look at the specific apps beyond Microsoft Word, Excel®, and PowerPoint®. Knowing that productivity often begins with assembling the right people, this course starts with the Teams app that is used to collaborate on shared files and conduct online meetings. The connection between Planner and Teams is established to keep the group's work on schedule. The Forms app is introduced as a tool for collecting information that can be used to help determine your next course of action. The apps designed to handle media assets are introduced: Stream to manage video resources and Sway to create digital stories. Finally, the power of automating your work processes is introduced in Flow, with students using the built-in templates as a starting point. For those interested in the Power BI® and PowerApps® features, a brief overview of these apps is included in an appendix.


Lesson 1: Overview of Office 365 Apps

  • Topic A: Navigate in Office 365
  • Topic B: Identify How the Office 365 Apps Work Together

Lesson 2: Collaborating with Microsoft Teams

  • Topic A: Navigate the Teams Interface
  • Topic B: Create a Team
  • Topic C: Meet in Microsoft Teams

Lesson 3: Managing Activities with Planner

  • Topic A: Navigate the Planner Interface
  • Topic B: Create a Plan

Lesson 4: Gathering Information with Forms

  • Topic A: Create a Form
  • Topic B: Share Forms and Collect Responses

Lesson 5: Managing Video Resources with Stream

  • Topic A: Navigate the Stream Interface
  • Topic B: Post and Organize Videos in Stream

Lesson 6: Using Sway to Create Digital Stories

  • Topic A: Navigate the Sway Interface
  • Topic B: Create a Sway

Lesson 7: Automating Your Work with Flow

  • Topic A: Navigate the Flow Interface
  • Topic B: Create and Share a Flow

Appendix A: Exploring Microsoft's Power Tools

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