Lantec | Course: Malicious Software: Effective Discovery and Countermeasures

Malicious Software: Effective Discovery and Countermeasures

1 days


Viruses, Rootkits, Trojans, Botnets, Ransomware—they can all be summed up as “Malware”, or Malicious Software, the computer technician’s #1 problem.

Malicious software removal can take anywhere from 3 hours to 3 days, or even longer, depending on the scope of the infection. Technicians usually want to “image” the computer; restoring the computer to a pristine state from a copy of the hard drive. Unfortunately, the end-user gets the machine back and all too often it gets re-infected again.

Viruses and other system contaminants have progressed to the point where commercial anti-virus applications may not be able to remove the infection. The virus can disable detection tools, thus allowing the malware to infest the local computer, as well as other systems on the network.

This course is designed to supply the technician with the theory and skills necessary to combat malware on their computer systems.

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