Lantec | Course: Keyboarding A to Z

Keyboarding A to Z

1 days


Good typing and keyboarding skills are essential in today's workplace. Those who know how to touch type with ten fingers without looking down at the keyboard are usually more focused, more efficient, and more productive. The KAZ Method, developed in the UK by Gotham New Media, is designed to help learners master touch typing in as little as 90 minutes. Through a combination of word association and your own natural dexterity, you will learn how to type using all ten fingers and how to make firm keystrokes without looking at the keyboard or growing fatigued.


Lesson 1: Getting Started with KAZ

  • Topic A: Benefits of the KAZ Method
  • Topic B: Keyboarding Posture The Keyboard

Lesson 2: The Five Key Phrases

  • Topic A: Using the Key Phrases
  • Topic B: Typing the First Key Phrase
  • Topic C: Typing the Second Key Phrase
  • Topic D: Typing the Third Key Phrase
  • Topic E: Typing the Fourth Key Phrase
  • Topic F: Typing the Fifth Key Phrase

Lesson 3: Words and Sentences

  • Topic A: Typing with the First Two Fingers
  • Topic B: Typing with the First, Third, and Fourth Fingers
  • Topic C: Typing with the Third and Fourth Fingers of the Left Hand
  • Topic D: Typing Sentences

Lesson 4: Capitalization, Numbers and Punctuation

  • Topic A: Using Capital Letters
  • Topic B: Using the Number Row
  • Topic C: Using Punctuation Keys

Lesson 5: The Numeric Keypad

  • Topic A: Playing with Numbers

Lesson 6: Speed and Accuracy

  • Topic A: Improving Speed and Accuracy Speed Drills

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