Lantec | Course: ITIL Specialist - High Velocity IT

ITIL Specialist - High Velocity IT

4 days



This 4-day course is aimed at IT managers and practitioners involved in digital services or digital transformation projects working within or towards high velocity environments.

Who Should Take This Class?

The primary audience for this course includes Service Designers, Release Managers, Cloud Architects, DevOps Engineers and Software Developers. It may also be of interest to individuals working in or migrating to high velocity environments.

Course Objectives:

This course explores the ways in which digital organizations and digital operating models function in high velocity environments. Attendees acquire an understanding of:

  • How aspiring organizations can operate in a similar way to successful digitally-native organizations
  • The use of working practices such as Agile and Lean
  • The use of technical practices and technologies such as cloud, automation, and automatic testing
  • How to focus on rapid delivery of products and services to obtain maximum value

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Tracy Godeaux, Aqueos Corp

"Mike is an exceptional instructor.  His knowledge of the course material and presentation was on point.  Look forward to learning with him again."