Lantec | Course: Introduction to HTML and CSS Coding

Introduction to HTML and CSS Coding

2 days


Today’s digital marketplace enables companies to use a variety of methods to better connect with their customers, most notably through the use of websites. A well-designed website provides customers with easily accessible information about the company, details on how to find or contact them, and the ability to make purchases and place orders. Businesses large and small can benefit from a website that will help drive traffic to their brand and reach more customers than ever before. The basis of many webpages is the HTML and CSS computer programming languages, which are used to build and style the content of a webpage. Learning how to use these languages is an important step to creating your own well-designed webpages.

Day 1 is intended as an introduction to HTML and CSS computer programming languages. We will first cover the basics of these languages, then continue to explore various ways to use these languages to create an effective and well-designed webpage.

Day 2 builds on what was learned in Part 1, providing more knowledge about how to build a website. The course teaches why performance and organization are important, along with how to position content for a website on any given page.



Lesson 1: Getting Started with HTML

  • Topic A: HTML Basics
  • Topic B: Basic Webpage Elements
  • Topic C: Creating Lists

Lesson 2: Doing More with HTML

  • Topic A: Images in HTML
  • Topic B: Links in HTML
  • Topic C: Tables in HTML

Lesson 3: Getting Started with CSS

  • Topic A: Basics of CSS
  • Topic B: CSS Color
  • Topic C: Using Additional CSS Indentifiers

Lesson 4: Styling Text with CSS

  • Topic A: Font Families
  • Topic B: Font Size
  • Topic C: More CSS Text Properties
  • Topic D: Font Shorthand

Lesson 5: Extended Styling Techniques with HTML and CSS

  • Topic A: Grouping Elements
  • Topic B: Div Dimensions
  • Topic C: The CSS Box Model

Lesson 1: Performance and Organization

  • Topic A: Strategy and Structure
  • Topic B: Object-oriented CSS
  • Topic C: Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS
  • Topic D: Resuable Code

Lesson 2: HTML: How to Position Content

  • Topic A: Review
  • Topic B: Positioning Content with Floats
  • Topic C: Positioning with Inline-Block

Lesson 3: Complex Selectors

  • Topic A: Commonly Used Selectors
  • Topic B: Attribute Selectors

Lesson 4: Responsive Web Design

  • Topic A: Flexible Layouts
  • Topic B: Media Queries

Lesson 5: Writing Your Best Code

  • Topic A: HTML Coding Practices
  • Topic B: CSS Coding Practices

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