Lantec | Course: InfoPath


1 days


You will learn how to use InfoPath to gather and share information by creating and implementing XML-based forms.

I. Creating InfoPath Forms

  • Explore the InfoPath 2010 Interface
  • Draft a Form
  • Add Data Validation Rules
  • Test a Form

II. Importing and Exporting Forms

  • Import Form Data Using InfoPath Designer
  • Export Form Data to Excel Using InfoPath Filler
  • Export Form Data to the Web Using InfoPath Filler

III. Customizing Form Layouts

  • Customize Tables
  • Format a Form
  • Insert Graphical Objects
  • Create Sections
  • Merge Forms

IV. Managing Views

  • Create Custom Views
  • Assign User Roles to a View

V. Applying Security to Forms

  • Protect InfoPath Forms
  • Restrict Access to a Form
  • Set Security Zones

VI. Distributing Forms

  • Publish a Form
  • Publish a Form to Email Recipients
  • Troubleshoot Publishing Problems

VII. Managing Controls

  • Describe Data Source Concepts
  • Customize Controls
  • Bind Controls

VIII. Working with a Database

  • Develop a Form from a Database
  • Use InfoPath Forms to Add Records to a Database
  • Use InfoPath Forms to Query a Database
  • Populate Form Controls from a Database


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