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Excel VBA

1 days


This ILT Series course is designed to give experienced Excel users proficiency in creating procedures that run in response to specific events, working with control structures, developing user forms to accept or display data, validating the data entry in user forms, and debugging and handling errors in code.


Lesson 1: Visual Basic Editor

  • Visual Basics for Applications
    • Topic A: Discussing VBA
    • Topic B: Preparing Excel for VBA
    • Topic C: Examining the VBE Window
  • Object Programming
    • Topic A: Examining the Properties Window
    • Topic B: Changing an Object’s Properties
    • Topic C: Using Code to Change Object Properties
    • Topic D: Using a Method
    • Topic E: Associating VBA Code with an Event
    • Topic F: Executing VBA Code by Using a Button
  • The Object Browser
    • Topic A: Examining the Object Browser
    • Topic B: Searching in the Object Browser

Lesson 2: Programming Basics

  • Data Basics
    • Topic A: Discussing Data Types and Variables
    • Topic B: Declaring and Discussing Variables
    • Topic C: Using Operators
    • Topic D: Using Interaction Functions
  • Scope of Variables
    • Topic A: Understanding Procedure and Module-Level Scope
    • Topic B: Understanding Public Scope
  • Scope of Procedures
    • Topic A: Creating a Sub Procedure
    • Topic B: Calling a Sub Procedure
    • Topic C: Creating a Function Procedure
    • Topic D: Calling a Function Procedure

Lesson 3: Control Structures

  • Decision Structures
    • Topic A: Using the If…Then Statement
    • Topic B: Using the If…Then…Else Statement
    • Topic C: Using the If…Then…ElseIf Statement
    • Topic D: Using the Select Case Statement
  • Loop Structures
    • Topic A: Using the For…Next Loop
    • Topic B: Using the For Each…Next Loop
    • Topic C: Using the Do While…Loop Statement

Lesson 4: Custom Dialog Boxes

  • User Forms
    • Topic A: Adding a User Form
    • Topic B: Adding Controls to a User Form
  • Events
    • Topic A: Attaching an Event Handler to a Control
    • Topic B: Validating Data by Using Event Handlers

Lesson 5: Debugging and Error Handling

  • Erros
    • Topic A: Discussing the Types of Errors
  • Debugging
    • Topic A: Discussing Debugging Tools
    • Topic B: Setting a Breakpoint
    • Topic C: Adding a Watch Expression
    • Topic D: Using Step Into
    • Topic E: Deleting a Watch Expression
    • Topic F: Working with the Immediate Window
    • Topic G: Working with the Locals Window
  • Error Handling
    • Topic A: Using the On Error GoTo Statement
    • Topic B: Using the On Error Resume Next Statement

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