Lantec | Course: Excel VBA

Excel VBA

1 days

Course Objectives:

In this course, you will develop and deploy VBA modules to solve business problems. You will:

  • Identify general components of VBA and their appropriate use in solving business solutions.
  • Record VBA macros to automate repetitive tasks.
  • Write VBA code to create VBA subroutines and functions.
  • Use various programming elements to solve problems through code, including variables, objects, conditional statements, and loops.
  • Eliminate, avoid, or handle errors in VBA code, and optimize its performance.

Course Content:

Lesson 1: Using VBA to Solve Business Problems

Topic A: Use Macros to Automate Tasks in Excel

Topic B: Identify Components of Macro-Enabled Workbooks

Topic C: Configure the Excel VBA Environment


Lesson 2: Recording a Macro

Topic A: Use the Macro Recorder to Create a VBA Macro

Topic B: Record a Macro with Relative Addressing

Topic C: Delete Macros and Modules

Topic D: Identify Strategies for Using the Macro Recorder


Lesson 3: Writing VBA Code Directly

Topic A: Write VBA Code

Topic B: Discover Objects You Can Use

Topic C: Create a Custom Function


Lesson 4: Solving Problems Through Code

Topic A: Make Decisions in Code

Topic B: Work with Variables

Topic C: Perform Repetitive Tasks


Lesson 5: Improving Your VBA Code

Topic A: Debug VBA Errors

Topic B: Deal with Errors

Topic C: Improve Macro Performance


Appendix A: Controlling How and When Macros Run

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