Employee Retention

Employee Retention

1 days

Course Overview:

Reducing employee turnover and attracting as well as retaining quality staff members have been common pain points all employers are facing in the post-pandemic workforce. This course provides timely insight to the “Great Resignation”  phenomenon with very relatable topics to help quash “quiet quitting”, which has become prevalent across all industries. Participants will explore common causes for employees leaving jobs they once loved, the significance of workplace culture and job satisfaction, different work style modalities, and what key ingredients inspire employees to stay committed to an organization (hint: it’s NOT loyalty).

Course Objectives: 

Participants will learn:

  • How to audit, evaluate, and benchmark to find turnover problems
  • What information to gather from an exit interview 
  • How to build a company culture based on company core values
  • How The Commitment Curve applies to their teams and their organization
  • The manager’s role in employee retention
  • Different aspects of employee retention programs (beyond “casual Fridays”)

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Sep 23, 2024

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