Lantec | Course: Elderly Sensitivity

Elderly Sensitivity

1/2 days


This half-day course is designed to aid all staff in developing and executing empathy when working with the elderly population. During this active training session simulation of activities of daily living (ADLs) and instrumental activities for daily living (IADLs) from an elderly perspective will be completed. Additional discussion will focus on communication best practices with the elderly.

Course Objectives:

  • Describe physical impairments commonly faced by the elderly such as mobility and agility
  • Review social issues faced by the elderly such as isolation
  • List steps for improved communication with the elderly to ensure understanding

Delivery Method:

  • The course will be delivered in three parts.

On-Site Delivery Requirements:

  • Maximum of 10 students
  • Adequate space must be provided for unrestricted movement of participants through five hands-on ADL simulation stations.


Part I (60 minutes)

This section of the training will address cultural perceptions of the elderly and the changes within their lives from a socialization perspective. Additional discussion and activities will focus on communication with the elderly.

Part II (50 minutes)

This section of the training will review the different types of physical impairments associated with the aging process and how they typically manifest in the elderly.

Part III (80 minutes)

This section will provide simulation activities to mimic the physical impairments that are experienced by the elderly when executing ADLs.

Activity Stations and Experiences:

Lesson 1: Neuropathy

Students will simulate a loss/diminished sense of touch.

Lesson 2: Hearing Loss

Students will experience and execute activities that demonstrate how a gradual or sudden loss of hearing impairs or restricts effective communication.

Lesson 3: Vision Loss

Activities at this station will demonstrate how loss of vision can hinder proper medical care.

Lesson 4: Language Impairment

During this session four components of aphasia, language impairment, will be simulated.

Lesson 5: Mobility and Balance

The exploration of how impaired mobility affects ADLs. 

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