Lantec | Course: CVPDS Part 1 - CVP Development and Scripting Part 1

CVPDS Part 1 - CVP Development and Scripting Part 1

5 days


CVP Development and Scripting – Part 1 is part of the Cisco UCCE with CVP suite of Contact Centre training classes. CVPDS-1 teaches each student to use the features of Call Studio to build self-service IVR applications and to run and maintain them on the CVP VXML Server, and to interface with UCCE/ICM scripts.

Students have ample practice writing applications, using OAMP for put applications into production on the classroom VXML Server, and troubleshooting through log files analysis.


This course is delivered remotely via our partnership with Sunset Learning.

Scheduled Courses

Sep 25, 2023
Nov 06, 2023

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Monica Jacob

"I especially appreciate the fact that once you take the course, you can always attend another class for refresher purposes."