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CompTIA Linux+

5 days

Welcome to CompTIA Linux+ XK0-005. This course provides the basic knowledge needed to install and manage modern Linux systems in a vendor-neutral format. It includes usage of fundamental operating system tools, networking and storage,  applications and services, account management, access controls, scripting, automation tools, and troubleshooting. This course maps to the CompTIA Linux+ certification exam.  Course Objectives: 

  • Perform basic Linux tasks.
  • Manage users and groups.
  • Manage permissions and ownership.
  • Manage storage.
  • Manage files and directories.
  • Manage kernel modules.
  • Manage the Linux boot process.
  • Manage system components.
  • Manage devices.
  • Manage networking.
  • Manage packages and software.
  • Secure Linux systems.
  • Write and execute Bash shell scripts.
  • Automate tasks.
  • Plan and perform a Linux installation.

Course Outline:

Chapter 1: Fundamentals

Module A: Linux basics
Module B: File management

Chapter 2: Shell operations

Module A: Stream and text processing
Module B: Scripting

Chapter 3: Linux software

Module A: Software installation
Module B: Process management
Module C: Service management

Chapter 4: System configuration

Module A: System settings
Module B: Network configuration

Chapter 5: File and storage management

Module A: Storage management
Module B: Device management

Chapter 6: System troubleshooting

Module A: Performance troubleshooting
Module B: Network troubleshooting
Module C: Storage troubleshooting

Chapter 7: Secure networking

Module A: Firewalls
Module B: Remote connectivity

Chapter 8: Identity management

Module A: Account management
Module B: Linux authentication

Chapter 9: Access control

Module A: Linux access controls
Module B: Securing Linux systems

Chapter 10: Automated deployment

Module A: Virtual and cloud environments
Module B: Automated development
Module C: Container operations

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