Lantec | Course: Articulate Storyline 3/360

Articulate Storyline 3/360

2 days


This course is specifically designed to teach you how to use Articulate Storyline 3 or 360 whether you are novice or a more advanced/experienced user. The course will explore the processes of creating, editing, and publishing high-quality e-Course content.



Module 1: Exploring Storyline

  • The Storyline Interface
      • Explore a Finished Storyline Project
      • Explore Slides and Panels
      • Zoom and Magnify
      • Preview Entire Project

Module 2: Creating Projects

  • Scenes
      • Creating a New Project
      • Apply a Theme
    Master Slides
      • Apply a Content Master Slide
    Content Slides
      • Insert New Slide
      • Create a New Content Master Slide
      • Apply a Different Master Slide Layout to a Slide
    PowerPoint Integration
      • Import Content from PowerPoint

Module 3: Add Content

  • Text boxes
    • Create and format a text box
    • Work with a list
    • Add an image to a slide
    • Add a shape to a slide
    • Customize a shape
    • Insert a character
    • Insert a caption
  • Content Library
    • Add a slide from the content library

Module 4: Interactivity

  • Buttons
    • Add buttons to slides
    • Change buttons states
    • Create layers
    Text entry fields
    • insert a text entry field

Module 5:  Triggers and Hotspots

  • Triggers
      • Delete default triggers
      • Add a trigger button
      • Hide player buttons
      • Add triggers to layers
      • Add a hide layer trigger
      • Add a slide trigger
      • Add a conditional trigger
      • Edit a trigger
      • Add a hotspot and lightbox trigger
      • Reset the player menu

Module 6: Variables

  • Variables
      • Manage a variable
      • Reference a variable
      • Create a variable
      • Manipulate a variable with a trigger
      • Create a true/false variable
      • Create a trigger to change a true/false variable
      • Add a condition to an existing trigger

Module 7: Audio, Animation, and Video

  • Adding Audio
      • Add voiceover audio to a slide
      • Change slide audio
    Recording Audio
      • Record voiceover audio
    Adding animation
      • Control object timing
      • Animate an object
      • Control animation options
    Adding video
      • Insert video
      • Delay object start times
      • Trim video
      • Animate a video
    Adding transitions
    Add a slide transition

Module 8:  Quizzes

  • Quizzing
      • Insert a multiple choice slide
      • Insert a matching drag-and-drop slide
      • Insert a freeform drag-and-drop slide
      • Insert a quiz results slide

Module 9: Recording and Publishing

  • Recording screen actions
      • Rehearse a script
      • Record a video
    Player settings
      • Edit player properties
      • Reorder slides and edit triggers
      • Publish course content


Module 1: themes and templates

  • Themes

Module 2: advanced animations

  • Motion paths
    States and animations

Module 3: gamification

  • Games and learner engagement
    Leveraging variable values
    Forced navigation 

Module 4: video controls, sliders, and dials

  • Advanced video controls
    Cue points

Module 5: advanced quizzing

  • Question properties
    Importing question data
    Random quizzes
    Quiz result redirection

Module 6: accessibility and reporting

  • Accessibility
    Tab order
    Closed captioning

Module 7: even more advanced animation

  • Motion paths controls
    Triggers and motion paths
    Triggers and states
    Triggers and layers

Module 8: more gamification

  • Media and hover states
    Conditional triggers and states

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