Stormy Stark

Stormy Stark
Application and Professional Development Instructor; Ph.D. Educational Leadership; MOS-Expert

Dr. Stormy Stark has been professionally affiliated with LANTEC of Louisiana as a valued instructor since September 2012. She received her Doctorate of Philosophy in Educational Leadership from Pennsylvania State University in May of 2016 and holds a Master’s degree in Higher Education Administration from Drexel University, as well as a graduate certificate from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth in Educational Leadership and Policy. Stormy has over 22 years of experience in the education sector and has spent a significant portion of her career in the classroom. Prior to attaining her doctorate, Stormy was a technical and soft skills instructor at the University of Virginia as well as Penn State. There she taught a diverse student body that frequently included active and retired military personnel. As a trainer, Stormy has offered over 10,000 contact hours of technical and soft skills training and she has expertise in creating successful teams. Stormy has recognized expertise and a doctorate in leadership and is a firm believer in the leadership style articulated by Simon Sinek in “Leaders Eat Last” and “Start With Why”.

Stormy provided soft skills training to more than 250 attendees where she focused on successful management strategy, talent recognition, active communication, conflict resolution, change management, asset management, and coaching leaders to build successful teams. Stormy has been the requested instructor of record for audiences ranging from high school students to (more recently) corporate executives, tenured faculty, and ranking administrators, both because of her depth and breadth of experience and her engaging teaching style that focuses on having the curriculum understood and implemented in the most effective, concise, and timely manner.


US Navy

"Stormy is a wonderful trainer and presenter, make us feel heard and appreciates our participation."