Lantec | Course: Windows 7 Basic

Windows 7 Basic

1 days


This ILT Series course teaches the core features and functions of Windows 7. Students will learn how to use the Start menu and taskbar; move and resize windows; create and manage files, folders, and libraries; edit file metadata; and search for content on their computers. Students will also create shortcuts, use gadgets, and change system settings. Finally, students will browse the Web with Internet Explorer 8, add sites to their Favorites lists, and add RSS feeds.


Unit 1: The Windows 7 environment

  • Topic A:The Windows 7 desktop
  • Topic B:The taskbar
  • Topic C:Window management
  • Topic D:Windows Help and Support

Unit 2:Files, folders, and libraries

  • Topic A:Folders and libraries
  • Topic B:Working with files

Unit 3:Managing content

  • Topic A:Working with Windows Explorer
  • Topic B:Searching for content

Unit 4:Customizing the environment

  • Topic A:Icons and shortcuts
  • Topic B:Gadgets
  • Topic C:System settings

Unit 5:Internet Explorer 8

  • Topic A:Web browsing
  • Topic B:Tabbed browsing
  • Topic C:Web searching
  • Topic D:Customization
  • Topic E:Multimedia content

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