Lantec | Course: Windows 7 Advanced

Windows 7 Advanced

1 days


Students should take this ILT Series course if their goal is to become more proficient in using Windows 7. Students will learn how to configure user accounts, work with devices and printers, manage and protect important files, maintain and restore their computers, troubleshoot applications, share and access network resources, and configure power-saving plans and security settings.

Unit 1: User accounts

  • Topic A: Account management
  • Topic B: Password management

Unit 2: Devices and printers

  • Topic A: Devices
  • Topic B: Printers

Unit 3: File management and protection

  • Topic A: File and folder management
  • Topic B: File protection
  • Unit 4: Programs and utilities
  • Topic A: Disk maintenance
  • Topic B: System Restore
  • Topic C: Troubleshooting

Unit 5: Networks and mobile computing

  • Topic A: Networks
  • Topic B: File and printer sharing
  • Topic C: Offline files
  • Topic D: Remote Assistance
  • Topic E: Power settings and plans

Unit 6: Security

  • Topic A: User Account Control
  • Topic B: Windows Firewall
  • Topic C: Windows Update
  • Topic D: Malware protection
  • Topic E: Internet Explorer security and privacy

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"Great course!  Enjoyed the content and timing of layout of the in-house sessions!"