Lantec | Course: Understanding and Applying DiSC® Assessments to Improve Performance

Understanding and Applying DiSC® Assessments to Improve Performance

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She and I just don't see eye to eye.

Why does every explanation go on and on with so many details?

This is a great project, but I'm the only one excited about it.

So many changes; why can't we just follow a routine?

We each have heard similar statements in our workplace and wonder why. DiSC® is a tool for understanding behavior types and work styles. The DiSC® assessment helps people explore behavioral styles so that they can have greater insight on themselves and how to work more effectively with others.

This 6-hour course will help you learn about your natural behavior style; identify your motivators, strengths and weaknesses. This course will also help you discover how to adapt your style to work with others for improved communication and greater workplace productivity.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:
  • Review the four DiSC® Behavioral Styles
  • Identify their individual style and motivators
  • Discuss and apply techniques to adjust their behavior style
  • Differentiate other behavioral style and apply techniques to improve communication wiht others

Course Content

Upon student enrollments, students will receive an email containing a hyperlink that provides access to the online DiSC® assessment. Student must complete the assessment no less than one week (seven calendar days) before the class.Thecompletion of the assessment provides the facilitator with an opportunity to develop insight of enrollees prior to class for an enhanced educational experience.Student will receive a printed copy of the assessment when they arrive for the course.


During the course, students will participate in a review of each of the four DiSC Behavioral Styles. After review, the facilitator will leadstudents in an examination of their assessment results, behavioral style and motivator impact on current performance. As class continues, group activitieswill demonstrate how the various styles add value to the workplace. Students will also develop personal action plans to utilize modified communicationskills upon return to the workplace.

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