Lantec | Course: MS SharePoint Foundations 2010 (Level 1)

MS SharePoint Foundations 2010 (Level 1)

2 days


This class teaches students how to use, create, and edit content in a team website. You will also create and perform basic management of a team site using SharePoint Foundation 2010.


Module 1: Introducing Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010

  • Describe MS SharePoint Foundation 2010
  • Describe the MS SharePoint Foundation Team Site

Module 2: Working with Lists

  • Add List Items
  • Modify List Iteams
  • Change List Views

Module 3: Working with Libraries

  • Add Documents to a Library
  • Edit Library Documents
  • Share Documents Across Libraries
  • Create Wiki Pages
  • Request Access to SharePoint Content

Module 4: Communicating with Team Members

  • Participate in a Discussion Board
  • Contribue to Blogs
  • Collaborate via the People and Group List

Module 5: Working Remotely with SharePoint Content

  • Access SharePoint Content from Mobile Devices
  • Work offline with SharePoint Content in MS Office 2010
  • Work offline with Shared Calendars

Module 6: Customizing your SharePoint Environment

  • Customize Personal and Regional Settings
  • Personalizing the Page View with Web Parts
  • Create an Alert
  • Subscribe to an RSS Feed

Module 7: Creating a Team Site

  • Create a Site
  • Create a Workspace
  • Create a List
  • Create a Library
  • Create a Discussion Board
  • Create Views
  • Create a Survery

Module 8: Perform Basic Site Administration

  • Manage Users and Groups
  • Manage Site Look and Feel

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