Microsoft SharePoint Modern Experience: Site Basics

Microsoft SharePoint Modern Experience: Site Basics

1 days

Course Objectives:

In this course, you will use a typical SharePoint team site to work collaboratively with other team members. You will:

  • Launch a SharePoint site and navigate among the pages and resources provided by the site.
  • Use SharePoint lists to track and view information.
  • Use document libraries to store and organize documents.
  • Find, share, and archive content stored in SharePoint.
  • Author documents as a member of a SharePoint team site.
  • Use SharePoint workflow automation tools.

Course Content:

Lesson 1: Navigating SharePoint Sites

Topic A: Launch SharePoint

Topic B: Gain Access to a Site You Didn't Create

Topic C: Navigate Within a SharePoint Site

Topic D: Access SharePoint from Your Mobile Device


Lesson 2: Using Lists to Track Information

Topic A: Add and Populate Lists

Topic B: Change View Options

Topic C: Create a Custom View


Lesson 3: Using Document Libraries to Share and Organize Documents

Topic A: Store Files in a Document Library

Topic B: Create and Use Document Templates


Lesson 4: Finding, Sharing, and Archiving Content

Topic A: Search for Items in Lists or Libraries

Topic B: Share Through Links

Topic C: Move Files Offline


Lesson 5: Authoring Documents as a Team

Topic A: Work Together on Documents

Topic B: Manage File Versions and Document Recovery


Lesson 6: Automating Business Processes

Topic A: Use Rule-Based Automation

Topic B: Use Power Automate to Automate a Workflow

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