Lantec | Course: Effective Presentations Virtual

Effective Presentations Virtual

1 days


A great presenter has two notable qualities: appropriate skills and personal confidence. Confidence comes from knowing what you want to say and being comfortable with your communication skills. In this one day workshop, participants will master the skills that will make them a better speaker and presenter in a virtual environment.

Course Objectives:

This one-day workshop teaches participants to:

  • Establish rapport with your audience
  • Learn techniques to reduce nervousness and fear
  • Recognize how visual aids can create impact and attention
  • Develop techniques to create a professional presence
  • Learn some different ways to prepare and organize information
  • Prepare, practice, and deliver a short presentation


Lesson 1: Course Overview

  • You will spend the first part of the day getting to know participants and discussing what will take place during the workshop. Students will also have an opportunity to identify their personal learning objectives.

Lesson 2: Communication Apprehension - Overcoming Nervousness

  • Communication Apprehension Defined
  • Overcoming Nervousness

Lesson 3: Types of Presentations and Deliveries

  • Informative Presentations
  • Persuasive Presentations
  • Demonstration/Instructional Presentations
  • Inspirational Presentations

Lesson 4: Analyzing the Occasion

  • Analyzing the Speaking Situation
  • Analyzing the Audience
  • Developing Rapport

Lesson 5: The C's of Communication

  • Speaking Clearly
  • Speaking Concisely
  • Speaking Completely
  • Speaking Concretely
  • Speaking Correctly
  • Speaking Considerately
  • Speaking Courteously

Lesson 6: Preparing Your Presentation

  • Patterns of Organization
  • Developing an Outline

Lesson 7: Your Speaking Presence

  • Your Speaking Voice
  • Mastering Non-verbal Communication
  • Methods of Delivery

Lesson 8: Add Punch to Your Presentation

Lesson 9: Your Presentation

  • Preparation
  • Mastering Your Material:  Rehearsal
  • Presentations
  • Debrief


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