Lantec | Course: Defensive Driving

Defensive Driving

3/4 days


Defensive Driving is maintaining control of the vehicle despite the situation or the conditions one may encounter in order to keep oneself and their passengers safe and secure. This course will provide students with basic and advanced driving techniques, from adjusting your mirrors properly to avoiding distractions, and from basic maintenance checks to how to handle skid. All are practices designed to help you discover the necessary skills, techniques, and mental attitude to become an aware driver and the confidence and pride that follow.


LESSON 1: The Walk-Around Checklist

A ten-minute “preflight” before taking the road.

LESSON 2: Vehicle Dynamics

Newton’s Laws of Motion applied to driving

LESSON 3: Vehicle Equipment

Braking Systems, Review Cameras, Traction Sensors

LESSON 4: Car and Feel

Ride, Comfort, Handling

LESSON 5: The Mind/Body Driving Connection

  • Physical and Mental Fatigue
  • Avoid Driving while taking this product
  • Driving under the influence

LESSON 6: Your Vision and Sense of Space

  • Protecting Your Vision
  • Sense of Space and Selective Vision

LESSON 7: Windshield and Mirrors

  • Windshield visibility and blind spots
  • Windshield wipers
  • How important are mirrors

LESSON 8: Starting the Engine

  • Cold starts on fuel injected and carbureted cars
  • Fuel efficiency – saving at the fuel pump

LESSON 9: Taking to the Road

  • Proficiency in reverse
  • Understanding caster
  • Backing up a trailer

LESSON 10: Turning Around

  • U-Turns
  • Two-point turns
  • Three-point turns

LESSON 11: Stopping the Car

  • The difference between non-ABS and ABS
  • Controlled Braking in Non-ABS Vehicles
  • Brake failure- What to do

LESSON 12: Passing Another Vehicle

  • When not to pass
  • When to pass
  • How to pass safely

LESSON 13: Under Steer and Over Steer

  • Neutral steer, understeer, oversteer
  • How to compensate for understeer and oversteer

LESSON 14: Traction and Weight Transfer

  • Tire Adhesion Tire-to-road- grip
  • Rolling contact

LESSON 15: Reaction Time/Sense of Timing

  • What is reaction time?
  • Decision making behind the wheel
  • Training can improve reaction time

LESSON 16: Tires

  • Tire Tread Design
  • All-Weather Tires
  • Snow Tires
  • How to Decode a Tire: The Sidewall Story
  • Replacement Tire Selection

LESSON 17: Night Driving Tips

  • Headlights, High Beams, Low Beams
  • Driving Past Bedtime
  • Fatigue and Vision

LESSON 18: Distracted Driving

  • Three Main Type of Distractions
  • Surprising Facts

LESSON 19: Road Rage

  • How to Avoid It, How to Deal with It
  • Who Commits Road Rage
  • Do’s and Don'ts

LESSON 20: Personal Safety

  • What Should I Know about Parking Safety?
  • If I Lock My Car before l Leave It, Is That Enough
  • Carjackings
  • Safety Trip Tips

LESSON 21: Accident Causes

  • Types of Accidents
  • Yielding Right of Way
  • Accident-Producing Situations Caused by Drivers
  • Accident Producing Situations Caused by
  • Defective Vehicles

LESSON 22: Typical Accident Scenarios

Defensive Maneuvers to Avoid Collisions

LESSON 23: Crash Course

  • First Aid and Rescue Tips
  • Initial Response List - Evaluating the Injured
  • CPR and Hands-Only CPR

LESSON 24: Safety Features

  • Seat Belts
  • Child Safety Seats
  • Air Bags

LESSON 25: Air Bags

  • Detailed Information and the Answers to Frequently
  • Asked Questions about Air Bags

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