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AutoCAD Map 3D Essentials

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This training guide introduces students to drawing based and geospatial features within the AutoCAD® Map 3D software. Students learn about the features and functions of the AutoCAD Map 3D software, including how to create, manage, and map data. The training guide covers the fundamental topics of the AutoCAD Map 3D software.

After completing this guide, you will be able to:

  • Describe the Autodesk Map 3D user interface
  • Create and edit geometry
  • Link and manage drawing-based attribute data
  • Use object classification
  • Connect to geospatial features
  • Edit geospatial features
  • Import and export drawing-based data
  • Work with raster images
  • Work with source drawings
  • Use source drawing queries
  • Stylize drawings and geospatial features
  • Plot maps
  • Use Survey Data
  • Use Lidar Data
  • Work with Industry Models

Course Outline

Chapter 1: Getting Started  

Lesson: AutoCAD Map 3D User Interface  

  • Exercise: Exploring the AutoCAD Map 3D UserInterface

Chapter 2: Creating and Editing Geometry  

Lesson: Using Coordinate Geometry

  • Exercise: Use Coordinate Geometry to Draw aParcel

Lesson: Performing Drawing Cleanup

  • Exercise: Clean Up the Water Mains Drawing

Chapter 3: Linking and Managing Drawing-Based Attribute Data 

Lesson: Creating and Attaching Object Data

  • Exercise: Create an Object Data Table
  • Exercise: Attach Object Data to Objects

Lesson: Editing and Managing Object Data

  • Exercise: Edit Object

Lesson: Creating Dynamic Annotation

  • Exercise: Creating Annotation in AutoCAD Map3D

Lesson: Connecting to a Database

  • Exercise: Attach an External Database Table andUse Data View

Lesson: Defining a Link Template and Linking Records to Objects

  • Exercise: Define a Link Template and GenerateLinks

Lesson: Using Database Information in a Drawing

  • Exercise: Using Database Information in aDrawing

Chapter 4: Using Object Classification 

Lesson: Setting Up Object Classifications

  • Exercise: Set Up an Object Class

Lesson: Classify, Select, and Create Classified Objects 

  • Exercise: Classify, Select, and Create ClassifiedObjects

Chapter 5: Importing and Exporting Drawing-Based Data 

Lesson: Importing and Exporting Data

  • Exercise: Import an ArcView ShapeFile
  • Exercise: Export an Autodesk SDF File

Chapter 6: Establishing a Geospatial Environment 

Lesson: Connecting to a Feature Source

Lesson: Using Coordinate Systems

  • Exercise: Re-project Geospatial Data

Lesson: Working with Point Data

  • Exercise: Attach an ODBC Point Source

Lesson: Query Features on Connect

  • Exercise: Use an Attribute Filter with a SDF

Chapter 7: Editing Features  

Lesson: Editing Feature Attributes and Geometry

  • Exercise: Edit Geometry and Attributes

Lesson: Moving Data Between DWG Objects and FDO Features

  • Exercise: Convert DWG Objects into FDOFeatures .

Lesson: Merging and Splitting Features

  • Exercise: Split a Zoning feature
  • Exercise: Merge Waterline Features

Lesson: Enhanced Data Exchange

  • Exercise: Save Current Map to AutoCAD

Chapter 8: Working with Raster Images 

Lesson: Inserting Raster Images

  • Exercise: Inserting Raster Images

Lesson: Modifying Inserted Raster Image Properties and Behavior

  • Exercise: Change Inserted Image Properties

Lesson: Connecting to Raster Images

  • Exercise: Connect to a Raster Feature Source

Lesson: Working with DEM Files

  • Exercise: Attach and Stylize a DEM
  • Exercise: Create Contour Lines from a DEM

Chapter 9: Working with Source Drawings 

Lesson: Attaching Source Drawings

Lesson: Working with Coordinate Systems

  • Exercise: Create a Drive Alias
  • Exercise: Attach Source Drawings

Chapter 10: Using Source Drawing Queries 

Lesson: Define Property and Location Queries

  • Exercise: Define a Property and Location Query

Lesson: Altering Properties During Queries

  • Exercise: Alter Properties During a Query

Lesson: Using the Query Library

  • Exercise: Save and Run a Saved Query

Lesson: Save Back to Queried Drawings

  • Exercise: Save Queried and New Objects toSource Drawing

Chapter 11: Stylizing Drawings and Features 

Lesson: About the Display Manager

  • Exercise: Create a Display Map from ExistingDrawings and Add Elements
  • Exercise: Add Styles to Display Map Elements

Lesson: Stylizing FDO Features

  • Exercise: Stylize FDO Features
  • Exercise: Move Text Between a Drawing and anFDO Data Store

Chapter 12: Plotting Maps 

Lesson: Prepare a Layout Sheet for Review

  • Exercise: Create a Layout for a Display Map

Lesson: Map Books

  • Exercise: Create a Template for Map Books
  • Exercise: Generate a Map Book

Chapter 13: Survey Data 

Lesson: Creating Survey Data Stores

  • Exercise: Creating Parcel Survey Data Store

Lesson: Working with Survey Data Stores

  • Exercise: Working with Survey Data Stores

Lesson: Working with Point Clouds

  • Exercise: Working with Point Clouds

Lesson: Chapter Summary

Chapter 14: Industry Models 

Lesson: Open, Edit, and Create an Industry Model 

  • Exercise: Open and Edit an Industry Model
  • Exercise: Start a New Drawing from an IndustryModel Template
  • Exercise: Import data into the Industry Modelfrom an FDO data store


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